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THSGoogleMapAPI Information

This has been written so that we can write libraries for ASP sites, so that we have custom made and efficient code on-the-go, so to speak.

The primary function of the Class is to return a formatted URL string based on predefined formats. Since codename "Emma" has made best use of this by using a direct URL from the Google developer site. The demo app also has changed the routing return type to be XML, so that it can be parsed for a map in the future.

Currently, I have uploaded the c# project via svn, so you should be able to download a copy and modify it if you need to.

I do apologise that this does not currently suit the purpose of a documentation, but this is still early stages and most work has been done offline thus far. As work progresses, I hope that the documentation will be properly done, but for now this is a guided introduction.

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