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Welcome, Trident High School Mashup team members

This site is intended for the mashup team to form a collabarative effort to build an API and base platform in preparation for the Bay of Plenty mashup competition.

It is reccommended that you download Toroise SVN software to be able to add patches and upload files. Otherwise, if you just want to be part of the discussions and other sides of things, you need to register a codeplex account.

To use svn, you have to use your codeplex username and password and you must be also approved by me (bentekken). After that, I'll show you how to use the subversion client: Tortoise.

If you want approval to use subversion on this site, please ask me at a mashup meeting at school, as I will be able to provide you immediate access.

Anyway, the SVN site address is:

Other people who wish to contribute, or just want to observe...

Firstly, thankyou for helping us with this project. We really need someone with a professional overview of the project, since we are still amateur programmers.

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